US Masters Green Jacket

The one feature that is synonymous with the US Masters Golf Tournament  is the very distinctive US Masters Green Jacket the champions pull over their tired shoulders at the end of the torrid four-day event. The jacket symbolises honourary membership to the elite and privately owned Augusta National Golf Club.

Of course, the winning player is rewarded with rather a lot more – the total purse for the 2007 US Masters was $7.25 million! On top of that rather tidy sum, the winners also receive a golf medal and have their names engraved on the silver Masters Trophy in perpetuity.

US Masters Golf Tournament Tradition

The tradition of members wearing the US Masters Green Jacket began in 1937. The idea was that Masters patrons could easily identify members and gather accurate information about the event, instead of relying on the hearsay of others.

In 1949 the legendary Sam Snead was the first champion to be awarded with the green jacket, a US Masters tradition ever since.

Winners are allowed to keep the green sports coat for the first year after their victory. They are then expected to return it to the club, where they may wear it whenever they visit. South African sporting icon, Gary Player, is the only golfer who has broken with the tradition, when he flatly refused to return his US Masters Green Jacket following his first Masters win in 1961.

Following tradition, the champion is helped into his jacket by the previous year’s winner. Jack Nicklaus had to don the jacket himself when he won in consecutive years in 1966, and repeat champions, like Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods, received the able assistance of the chairman of Augusta National Golf Club.

The US Masters Green Jacket – a symbol of victory!