US Masters Betting Options

Golf betting offers some of the highest odds of any sport. The unpredictability of the sport means that odds on even the best players are very high, and golf fans can cash in on these in a selection of golf betting markets.

Not only are the odds high, but golf betting is relatively simple compared to many other sports, with a few popular betting markets available for even high-profile events such as the US Masters.
Her are some of the best US Masters betting options and how they work:

Outright Betting

Outright betting involves betting on the winner of a tournament. The US Masters betting markets offer an outright winner option where you’ll find some of the world’s finest players trading at odds well over 20/1. To make money off an ouutright bet you need to select a player who you think will win the US Masters. Select the each-way option before you place the bet and you’ll double your stake and earn a payout if your selection finishes in the top five at the US Masters.

Threeball Betting

Threeball betting is golf’s equivalent of match betting in other sports. When you bet on a three ball you have the choice of backing one or two of the players in the three ball to win. Threeballs with three skilled players will offer fairly even payouts on all three players, while those which feature players of differing skill levels will pay out better odds on the lower ranked players. Ultimately threeball betting is about knowing which players are in form and how they are likely to adapt to the course and conditions.

Match Betting

Match betting is an alternative to threeball betting that is sometimes called ‘mythical threeball betting’ or ‘mythical twoball betting’. This US Masters betting option will tend to feature two or three players of similar skill levels who are not in the same threeball and give golf fans the opportunity to bet on which player will come produce the best score at the end of the round.

Top Region Betting

If you tend to focus on players from a specific region then you might find the top region betting markets useful. These markets effectively allow you to bet on which player from a particular region, say Asia, North America, Europe or Africa, will trump the other players from his own region. This can be helpful if you pay more attention to the Asian Tour, European PGA Tour or Sunshine Tour than the PGA Tour. Betting on the players you watch and know is far more likely to produce a profit than speculative bets!