Tiger Woods US Masters Golfers

The story of Tiger Woods is one of overwhelming talent, single-minded dedication and a huge passion for the game of golf. It is also one of records crashing and total domination. Since the arrival of Tiger Woods, no one is sacred, not Arnold Palmer and not Jack Nicklaus, and there has been no current golfer who has truly tested this maestro of the game.
He has won the Vardon Trophy a record six times, has the lowest career scoring average in PGA history and has held the number one position for the most consecutive weeks and for the greatest total number of weeks – and it doesn’t look as though his winning ways are over.
After bagging his first Major, the 1997 Masters, by 12 strokes, Tiger rose to the no.1 spot in only his 42nd week on the pro circuit – no-one has ever rocketed to the number one spot faster than that! He has 61 PGA Tour wins, 22 wins on other tours and an incredible 13 Major titles.
At his second US Masters victory in 2001 he achieved a ‘Tiger Slam’ by holding all four professional major championships at the same time. He was the youngest to join the elite ranks of Player, Nicklaus, Sarazen and Hogan.
He is also as rich as Croesus – it is estimated that he has earned in the region of $100 million from winnings and endorsements. It is a wonder that he still has the urge to win, yet this amazing young man invariably comes out guns blazing when it matters the most.
Perhaps part of his secret is that he plays fewer tournaments than most professionals, and focuses his efforts on preparing for and peaking at the Majors. He has had two tiny blips on his copybook recently, but on both occasions he explained away his lack of form saying he was working on improving his swing.
There is no doubt that Tiger Woods is the hot favourite to take his 5th US Masters. Who can give him a bit of a charge? Ernie Els is on the resurgence and has always looked to be his closest rival. Then there’s Mickelson and Furyk knocking on the door, and of course, it could always be the day that Sergio Garcia pulls off a big one!