Colin Montgomerie US Masters Golfer

Colin Montgomerie is, undoubtedly, one of the very best golfers in the world. He is, however, also one of the very best golfers in the world who has never won a Major tournament in his 19-year professional golf career. Having slumped to a world golf ranking of 82 in 2000 due to well-documented personal problems, he still has time to win a major and redefine his place in history. He has come back guns blazing, and all who know and love this enigmatic Scotsman will be rooting for him to take a big one.
Monty will possibly be remembered as the greatest Ryder Cup warrior ever. He has been a member of the European team on eight occasions and has never lost a single match. He holds a win-lose-draw record of 20-9-7. He is also, deservedly, the most acclaimed golfer on the European Tour, having won the Order of Merit eight times – seven of which ran consecutively from 1993 – 1999, and his last being on his resurgence in 2005.
Monty will always be judged as a ‘nearly man’ when it comes to Major victories. He has so often nearly taken the biggest prize of all. In fact, he has finished runner-up in the majors on five occasions. It has been mooted that his relationship with the galleries could be why he has struggled so much with his golf in the USA. Through the 1990s, when he achieved his highest ranking at no.2, he was constantly put off by the American crowds and was subjected to hecklers who called him “Mrs Doubtfire’.
Montgomerie has never performed well at the Masters, his best result being tied 8th in 1998. Some believe it may be because of his weak putting, and the Augusta National demands excellent putting. There could be another reason altogether. In a very frank interview with the Sunday Times, Monty admitted that he didn’t actually like golf. “I think only a sadist would say he liked golf, it’s a bloody nightmare of a game,” he said. “I enjoy the competition more than I do the game of golf,” he added. Could it be that by driving himself mercilessly to win, win, win, he has in fact lost his touch?
Monty has a slightly different attitude now that may well assist him in achieving the elusive Major. When he finished second at St Andrews, he was grateful, not angry, as he would have been before 2005. “It must be the first time I have ever celebrated not winning, but that’s me now”.
Colin Montgomerie – US Masters golfer? Why not! He is a changed man; a softer, gentler man – even the American crowds are warming to him. Perhaps at the 2009 US Masters he will be properly rewarded for his incredible contribution to the game of golf worldwide.
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