Augusta National Golf Club

A visit to the US Masters is a once in a lifetime treat, and the best way to enjoy an event of this nature is to be informed. We give you a rundown of the dos and don’ts of the Masters. What you are allowed to bring through the gates, and what is best left behind, where the best viewpoints are and what to wear.

Augusta National Golf Club Prohibited Items

Cameras are allowed during practice rounds, Monday through Wednesday, but not on tournament days. All other electronic devices are strictly prohibited from the course, as are rigid chairs or stools, alcoholic beverages, beverage containers, cool boxes, flags or banners, strollers, periscopes and ladders!

Augusta National Golf Club Attire & Etiquette

As a sign of respect to the game of golf and the club itself, spectators wear golf shoes and golfing attire to the Masters. As an international tournament with the contestants as invited guests, everyone should be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. Running is considered unacceptable, and only one seat should be used per person. As the seating on the stands cannot be reserved it is wise and polite not to leave your seat unattended for any length of time.

Augusta National Golf Club Hangout Spots

The get the optimum benefit from your visit, arrive early and stay late. Try and see the course before all the action starts; move to the front nine and work your way back. There are also several hangout spots that will enhance your viewing pleasure:

  • The practice tee, the first tee and under the first tee near the clubhouse
  • The putting green where you have a great view of the 18th and 19th green and the 10th tee-box
  • The 16th green, the traditional gathering place of the Masters
  • The par 3 course where you could catch a glimpse of a former Masters champion playing away from the crowds
  • The ‘big pine’ at the 16th

Augusta National Golf Club Facilities

Augusta in April has the facilities of a small village, let alone an 18-hole golf course. We have listed the main spectator conveniences available:

  • Checkstands on a space-available basis only
  • Picnic areas
  • Leaderboards and standards
  • Observation stands at key locations
  • Parking
  • Golf shops and food outlets
  • ‘On the course’ boards which provide player location during practice rounds
  • Record board listing previous champions and their scores
  • Pay phones and automated teller machines
  • Restrooms and lost & found
  • Pairing sheets with course map and tee times
  • Airline information